Why "Two Cents?"

I'm a mid-life artist who found my voice through clay.  

I am the middle of five kids (four girls, one boy), born to an entrepreneurial family on a 30 acre homestead. I thrived being outside.   Fascinated with the mechanics of how things work, I remember doing a lot of tinkering in my growing up years.  I was not a great student and did a lot of staring out the window wishing I was anywhere but the classroom.  I imagined being an archeologist, or park ranger, or an explorer, but by the time I graduated high school I still had no idea what I should "do" with my life.  

I met my husband in my third year of college and happily graduated with my "Mrs." and never looked back.   We had two daughters within the first six years of marriage and life was full with raising the kids.  Homeschooling, horses, dogs, cats, gardening, several moves, odd jobs to help pay the bills and life advanced forward through the years.   When the kids were both in high school I was hired to be an aide in the art department at their school which had a whole room dedicated to ceramics!   During free time or after school I learned the basics of centering and throwing on the wheel.   I was hooked.  

It's been seven years since starting my clay journey. The girls have become women and my life as a busy mom has transitioned to life as a driven creative and I'm close to celebrating 27 years of being a Mrs.  

No one journeys alone and I am grateful for mentors through the years of learning that have played irreplaceable rolls in who I am today.   I am a full time maker and love connecting with people who are working hard in their arena of influence. 

The name Two Cents Ceramics is based on the idea of someone inserting two cents into a conversation.  Compelled to speak whether invited or not.   It also reminds me of the widow in the Bible who gave her last two coins as an offering and did so quietly without a big fuss.   These two sides of the "coin" give me balance.   I am compelled to make and offer what I have, but I am also striving to do it without pomp and arrogance.  

I'd love to hear from you.  Please use the form below to write.  Ask questions, share your journey with clay, or just say hello.    

Thank you for listening,


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